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Sometime in May, as many of you know, LJ went its usual periodic batshit and lost one of my posts. My particular server (named 'Chicken Tikka', because why the hell not, I suppose, though I would've preferred 'Shawrma') was one of the ones affected, and I lost a post.

Per your kind recommendation, I told the The LJ codemonkies PTB about it. They promised they'd do what they could to get the post back. Then I went on a trip to Florida with my family (my son insists on calling it a 'journey', which is adorable; we went on a journey to Florida). And when I came back, still no post. I fear it shall never show up in my 'recent entries' feed again.

So here it is, so at least it'll be scrollable: I'm turning 41 and a tad freaked out about it.

It's strange how the post is still there, in cyberspace, but I can only get to it by searching for the comments. It's like Schrodinger's Cat, only with less fur and more typing.

...Annnnd I just found out that the link I posted goes nowhere. So never mind.

It seems to be working now. Thank you to the commenters who encouraged me to keep editing the link. It finally seems to have stuck.
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I like to bake. Occasionally I suck at it, though to my credit I've yet to harm anyone other then myself. Luckily baking soda isn't generally poisonous.

With this background in mind, attend, O best-beloveds, my adventures while trying to make this recipe.

It won't be too painful, really. And yes, I f**ked up enough to need a LJ-cut. )


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