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Hello again. The theme for this round was, 'The Devil is in the Details.'

I'm going to admit right now that the theme probably won't be obvious in here, but every time I thought of it, this scene kept popping into my head. I think it's because of a conversation I had about store clerks with a friend of mine. She told me how important it was for the managers to make sure all the products were in straight lines with the labels pointing out at the customers.

Arrogant though it may sound--and I certainly don't mean for it to be--'the Devil is in the details' fits my writing in general (though I've always said 'God is in the details'). To me, details are what make the story: the tiny, ephemeral things that can nonetheless do so much for setting and character. I love adding them in to my writing. And there are a lot of details here.

This is another scene from my Pape and Danforth universe. More Gills will be forthcoming (or is the redundant?) but the scene I have in mind is long and currently I don't have the energy to tackle it. Hopefully at some point next week.

But I really like this Pape and Danny one. I hope you enjoy it as well.

([livejournal.com profile] brigits_flame link, because I know you were waiting for it.)

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