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Whoop! There it is!


Available (as of early this morning, actually--blame my spending most of the afternoon fighting uselessly with Adobe about Photoshop Elements 14 on why I'm only putting this up now) at these following fine online retailers:

Apple iBooks
Barnes & Noble
Google Play
All Romance eBooks

I'm also running a contest over at Tumblr, for those who may be interested. :D

Thank you kindly for your time and attention. I'm going to go back to making quiet dolphin noises now.


17/10/15 19:55
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Promo picture courtesy of the awesome Taibhrigh

The fic goes up on October 23!

Read an excerpt here.

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Starting today and for the next 12 days, there will be a charity giveaway from 224 authors, review bloggers and publishers, to reward anyone donating at least $5.00 to a LGBT charity of your choice.

You can access the giveaway and links to charities via this post at Diverse Reader. There's a short story in italics at the beginning, with the full information at the end of how to sign up, as well as a video showcasing the people and publishers donating books. I wanted to donate a book myself, but I only found out about it on April 10, when the call for book donations had closed, alas. But I'm going to give $10.00 to #Pizza4Equality after I finish posting this.

You may be asking, 'Why pizza, Sweet?' And Best-Beloveds, I shall tell you.

Memories Pizza sells pizza in Walkerton, Indiana. Indiana, of course, has been in the news lately because of Governor Mike Pence signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act on March 26, which was widely criticized as allowing any business to refuse to serve anyone whose existence they deemed contrary to their religious beliefs. Specifically, members of the LGBT community.

Memories Pizza became a poster child for exactly what liberals feared, when one of the owners stated that if asked, she'd refuse to cater a same-sex wedding.

Now to be fair, no one had asked. And at least according to this article, Memories Pizza has never turned away a gay customer. However, the statement infuriated so many people that the Pizzeria ended up closing under the media storm and barrage of negative comments. Whereupon TV host Dana Loesch of the extreme conservative network The Blaze started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the embattled restaurant. (Do yourself a favor--don't read the comments on that link.)

And they got nearly a million dollars in two days.

So, enter #PizzaforEquality, started by Scott Wooledge, with the idea that maybe that much money could be raised to fund charities protecting LGBT people and their rights, rather than to fund those places who would deny them. It's been a good start, but it's been more than two days and the campaign closes on April 29, so I thought I'd boost the signal. And get a book. Because books are awesome.

So is pizza! But only if you're willing to share.
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I have fun and happy news to share, O Best-Beloveds. Attend whilst I explain.

My awesome internet buddy Sarah Madison (or [livejournal.com profile] sarah_madison) has a new book out!

Actually, it's been out for at least two weeks now, but I literally forgot to post anything last week, for reasons I'll explain in a moment. But first let me enthuse about Walk a Mile.

Click Me!

I enjoyed the prequel, Unspeakable Words very much, so I'm extremely excited to find out what's going to happen to the characters in Walk a Mile. What I especially loved in UW was how imaginatively and unflinchingly Sarah wrote about telepathy--as in, it would suck. John Flynn is the accidental and unwilling telepath, and in UW I was cringing on his behalf pretty much every time she described what was happening to him. Imagine not even being able to know if anything you feel is true, or just your partner's wishful thinking--it'd be hell. But reading about it being hell was awesome.

Basically, the emotional H/C was off the hook in Unspeakable Words. I'm very much looking forward to more of the same, as well as having some of the questions raised by the prequel answered.

So you should totally buy both books. Just saying. ;)

And now, as promised, is the reason I forgot to post last week.

Back in August, I sent a novella to Dreamspinner, because DSP is my boo. DSP's turnaround time for submissions is no more than eight weeks. They are really, really good about this, but eight weeks is still eight weeks. The last day of the eight weeks would've been tomorrow, and by the time last Monday rolled around I was so fucking incredibly stressed I could barely function. Which apparently included remembering I'd intended to post about Sarah Madison's new novel to LJ. Luckily she's not just talented but also very understanding of authorly freakouts. :D

And then on Friday, I found out that Dreamspinner is going to publish my novella! \o/ Aiden's Angel will come out between May and June, 2015. I'll post more about it as the release date nears. :D

Congratulations, Sarah! (And me!)
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My darling, wonderful child (whom I adore), is eight years old (as I've mentioned), and thinks that Minecraft is better than anything not made of chocolate and peanut butter. He's actually gotten really good at building himself houses and armor and such, but what he really, really wants in the whole wide world is some friends to come visit his world (and build a pirate ship with him).

Unfortunately, aside from one kid-friendly server that is currently not being terribly parent-friendly, the dizzying array of multi-player Minecraft servers out there seem to be all adult-oriented, which is fine as long as the adults in question aren't typing too fast in chat and/or mainly interested in murdering their fellow avatars.

So, in an optimistic attempt to not end up having to listen to my darling, wonderful child lament about how he doesn't have any Minecraft friends until the end of time (and/or high school), I turn to you, o, best-beloveds.

Do any of you either a) play Minecraft on a machine that can connect to the interweebs and wouldn't mind helping a kid build a pirate ship? Or, b) do any of you have/know children who would be interested in helping another child build a pirate ship?

Apparently I can make a multi-player server, but I need to have specific people to invite. Otherwise, I'd be happy to send Jav's avatar off to find a buddy if I knew which server they used and what their username was. Minecraft makes me seasick as hell, or I'd try it myself.

If you can and want to come play, or know someone who would, please PM me or feel free to leave a comment and I'd be very happy to PM you instead. :)

I thank you in advance, and so does my sanity.
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I was going to do a post on something far more informative and, dare I say, useful, but in the process of finding pictures for it, I happened (totally accidentally, I swear) to come across this.

The article, though extremely, um, fascinating, is not the important part. The beautiful males on display without their shirts isn't the important part either (though I had to examine them closely and at length to determine that. RESEARCH, PEOPLE). The important part is that the CW Television Channel that owns Arrow did it in the first place.

Those posters of the three hunky heroic main characters on Arrow are blatant fanservice. 'Fanservice' (for those not following the link because they know that TV Tropes.com is a gateway drug of epic timesuck), refers to how entertainment producers will purposely contrive to display the bodies of attractive characters as a reward for fan loyalty.

Mostly, fanservice is intended for straight men (lesbians and bisexual anybody are an afterthought). There are many reasons for this, but personally I think it comes down to, a) most mass-market entertainment being written and/or designed by men; and, b) a general assumption that women watch for the plot while men need added encouragement.
I think this movie had giant robots in it.
 photo Capture-1.jpg

But that doesn't mean fanservice for straight women (and those who aren't straight but like it too) doesn't exist. Indeed, I think that it's steadily increasing. The Spartacus TV series on Starz is a perfect example. Sure, there were topless or naked women everywhere, but I swear that season three had even more naked men. I've never seen so many manscaped, jiggly male bits in my life. It was awesome.

And the CW channel knows what side its bread is buttered on. Specifically the side that generally appreciates jiggly male bits. And they are fanservicing them like crazy.

I love it. A lot of that love is for how hilariously obvious it is. I only watch the CW's show Arrow, but aside from the shirtless posters I linked to, nearly every episode includes generous shots of Oliver Queen exercising or sparring with his buddy John Diggle. And Stephen Amell is always, always shirtless when he does it. It's like the producers are winkingly inviting us to simultaneously admire the display and be in on the joke.

It goes beyond the eye candy. Arrow's fanservice makes me feel included; like the CW actually values my attention. I know that it's really about getting advertisers to pay for a target audience, but it's nice to be a target audience for once, especially for my favorite genre.

And I definitely appreciate beauty.
 photo colton-haynes-stephen-amell-shirtless-arrow-posters-02.jpg

It's a beautiful thing.

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Hey, Flisties! I've just donated to Global Giving for the Oklahoma tornado victims, but I was hoping I could participate in an auction as well. Do you know if there will be or is a community like [livejournal.com profile] help_japan for Oklahoma? I tried to find one yesterday but was unsuccessful, though it was probably too early.

Thank you!
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Damn it--this is the second time LJ has eaten all the content I put in the post except for the link! >: How about I give missing information:

Last week I announced the winners of my Joke contest, but some of you lovely FListies haven't contacted me yet. So please click on the link and let me know if you won. :D

The other thing I posted that LJ erased (sigh) is that as of today Black Hawk Tattoo has been out for an entire month, and it's still in the Amazon.com Kindle top 100 for its genre, which is just awesome. :D It's number 9 on the Dreamspinner.com bestseller list, too.

The novel has also received some excellent reviews from Goodreads (and some not-so excellent reviews, but such is life).

So, I'm a happy camper! But I'd be an even happier camper if I could give all the contest winners their prizes. :D So please let me know if one of the winners is you!
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Hey, Flisties. Here are the winners of the contest I ran last week to win a paperback or eBook copy of Black Hawk Tattoo. I would have had the results sooner, but certain Trusted Family Members(TM) were a little slower in getting back to me with their choices than I'd anticipated. I apologize for the wait.

If you're a winner, please either PM me via Live Journal, or email me at simple.carbohydrates AT gmail DOT com (replacing the capitalized words with the correct symbols). I'll need a mailing address for the paperback winners, and what format the eBook winners would prefer. Dreamspinner Press seems to have all digital formats available, including Kindle.

And the winning jokes are... )
Thank you very, very much to everyone who participated! I really hope you enjoy the book. :)

And here's where I timidly ask if you'd be so kind as to please (please, please) leave a review on Amazon.com if you like it. That would be enormously appreciated.
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Black Hawk Tattoo is currently ranked at #9 and #11 out of the top 100 in its genres of kindle books. (It hit #4 and #5 last week, which is amazing, but unfortunately I was too sick at the time to post about it.)

Edit the Second: Okay, it's not ranked that high anymore, but it was! And it's still in the top 20 50, at least for the moment. :) So I'm happy. :)

It's also gotten some excellent reviews on Goodreads, and is ranted #91 out of the top 177 'Best Gay Soldiers' books and #58 out of the top 105 'Best Gay Romance Books with Tattooed Characters' (I can't help but smile at how specific that category is).

Obviously, I have a few reasons to celebrate! And by awesome serendipity, I also received my paperback copies of the novel this week. And that means it's contest time!

I thought that since Black Hawk Tattoo can be grim at times, it would be cool to have a contest that's the complete opposite of grim. So how about telling a joke?

Rules under here. )

Sound good? I hope so! :) Comment with the funnies, guys!
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I promised myself I wouldn't read reviews because any negative ones would probably make me mope for days, but this morning my husband told me about this one.

5/5 stars!

Thank you, kind reviewer! :D You totally made my day.

ETA: Didn't this have a full title when I posted it yesterday?
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Cover for BHT

Recently, I was invited to do a blog hop by Sara Madison (my post about the blog hop is here). Now it's my turn to answer some questions about my most recent work, which happens to be the novel up there with the beautiful cover by Reese Dante (artist's link is NSFW)..

I am incredibly excited to finally have a published novel. :D The book will be available in January and should be up on Dreamspinner Press's Upcoming Books Page soon.

(Here's my Dreamspinner Author's Page.)

What is the title of your book? Black Hawk Tattoo

What genre does your book fall under? Contemporary M/M Romance

What is the synopsis of your book? This is the official synopsis from Dreamspinner:

Toronto artist Gabriel Navarro splits his time between slinging ink and working on his master's degree. He's sure of his beliefs and his artistic integrity and naïve enough to think he'll never compromise—until Iraq war veteran Jake MacLean shows up in his tattoo parlor.

Overcome with anger and survivor's guilt, Jake is locked in a struggle to atone for sins he's sure will never be forgiven. Desperate to get his life back on track and with nowhere else to go, he moves in with his sister in Toronto. He doesn't expect to fall for Gabe.

Black Hawk Medevac resize

Though Jake's refusal to talk about what happened in Iraq frustrates Gabe, accepting Jake's claims that he's "fine" is easier than dealing with the truth. But pretty soon it's clear Jake can't control his panic attacks, and his condition is worsening. If Gabe can't help him face his demons, Jake is headed for a crash—and there's every chance he'll take Gabriel down with him.

More questions under here! )

Thank you for reading. :) Now the Next Big Thing hop goes to [livejournal.com profile] dungeonwriter who is writing a spec television script, my good friend the playwright and mystery novelist [livejournal.com profile] wpadmirer, and [livejournal.com profile] laylalawlor, who will be talking about her latest comic. They'll be posting on December 5. Please go check them out. :) And please make sure you check out Sara Madison's blog if you haven't already, because not only did she let me know about this in the first place, she also happens to be working on something pretty nifty and has been published more often than I have. And she's a great person, too. (I've also borrowed the idea of using pictures from her, because that was cool.)
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My US Flisties: please take a minute (seriously, that's all it takes!) to sign a petition and/or contact your representatives to stop this bill which will greatly reduce the quality of life for battery hens for the next 18 years (at least). The website's already done all the work so all you have to do is fill in your name. It's super easy! And very important.

Thank you for the chickens!

Humane Farming Association, enriched cages, battery cages, United Egg Producers - Stop the Rotten Egg Bill
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I am now on Facebook. If you'd like to be my friend on Facebook, please give me your FB name and what your profile pic looks like so I can find you, or ask me for mine. :) I'm screening comments for privacy.

I hope to see at least some of you there! Don't leave me alone in the FB wilderness!
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I am ashamed to think of how many months ago I promised the incredibly talented (and nice!) [livejournal.com profile] danceswithgary I would do this, but better late than never.

Back in September of last year (blush!), [livejournal.com profile] danceswithgary read my 2009 [livejournal.com profile] mcshep_match story The Ones You Leave Behind. She was taken enough with it that she did me the honour of making a cover for it (click for full-sized version):

click for fullsize

It's beautiful and the amount of work she put into it is humbling and more than a little awe-inspiring. I still need to add it to the posts of the story (which I promise I will, DWG! I've been thinking about it for months), but I'm very happy to finally post it here, where my SGA-fanish FList can see it.

Thank you again, DWG. I really love the picture and I'm still incredibly flattered and chuffed that you would have done that for me. You rock like a rocking thing. :D
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The awesomeness that is [livejournal.com profile] lavvyan sent me balloons! And a lovely anonymous person sent me champagne to celebrate my publications!

THANK YOU, GUYS! I'm absolutely delighted. What a wonderful surprise!
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Thank you to everyone who gave me such lovely congratulations in my last post. I really appreciate all the good wishes. :D

But I want to tell you about my latest baking endeavour. Did you know you could make cupcakes with alcohol? I probably should have, but hey, I didn't! Until I read this story bu [livejournal.com profile] almostnever, coincidentally titled 'Whiskey Cupcakes', and I decided to find out if I could make them.

([livejournal.com profile] almostnever: I don't think I actually left a comment for your story, probably because I was too intrigued by the cupcakes. But I did really enjoy reading it! Thank you.)

I found this recipe almost immediately, to a certain amount of surprise, but what surprised me more was how easy they were to make. I'd been imagining something along the lines of wells in flour and meringued egg whites, but aside from the annoying number of bowls it was really easy.

Delicious, too, except I'm such a lightweight I think I got a bit of a buzz from licking the spatula (yes, a baby fairy could drink me under the table). I was surprised that I couldn't taste the coffee at all, though the whiskey left an odd but not unpleasant alcohol-esque burn without any real alcohol flavour.

Does baking whiskey get rid of the alcohol, though? Because I'm a little worried about giving one to my son, in case it damages his brain cells or something. They really are good, though.

I'd love to know how people can just make up recipes like this. I mean, how did she know that a cup of coffee and a cup of whiskey would end up making terrific cupcakes? [livejournal.com profile] ribbon_purple can do stuff like that, and it really amazes me. What a great talent.
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Since my last post, I've gotten even more cookies, from [livejournal.com profile] winter_elf, [livejournal.com profile] the_moonmoth, [livejournal.com profile] caras_galadhon, [livejournal.com profile] wpadmirer and [livejournal.com profile] reedfem! And to wash all the cookies down with, some kind stranger sent me hot cocoa.

Apparently the cookiebombs were a result of an LJ glitch. They were marked as free on the virtual gift page, so naturally people had fun with the largess before LJ realized they had a problem and fixed it. Too much to hope that free virtual snowflake cookies might have been part of LJ's Christmas spirit, obviously.

I was beginning to wonder if I'd somehow missed membership in a secret LJ cookie gifting community, so I was pleased to find out I hadn't, because I would have enjoyed being a member of that. :)

Free or not, I'm still really touched that so many people who were giving cookies thought of me. Thank you so much, everyone. :D


6/12/09 20:47
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I've been sent three virtual snowflake sugar cookies in the last hour or so. One is from the darling [livejournal.com profile] debris_k, another from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lavvyan, and the third from an awesome anonymous gifting person. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

I've been cookiebomed! I'm not sure why, but it certainly made me very happy. I'm touched that people on my FList wanted to send something to me.

Thank you all again, very, very much! ♥ (and cookies!) to all of you.


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