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Hey, everybody! Yesterday on [livejournal.com profile] ushobwri (You Should Be Writing), the most wonderful [livejournal.com profile] brumeier posted about More Joy Day, started by [livejournal.com profile] sdwolfpup. The idea is simple: there's enough awful shit in the world, so why not mitigate it by spending a day being nice?

Obviously most of us try to be nice all the time, but I love the idea of a special day specifically for it. SdWolfPup has a lovely post about her motivations for it here.

Brumeier wrote me a story! So my day is already joyful. <3 I'm lucky to have her as a friend.

(And if y'all would like to participate, you can post about what you've done here.)

Unfortunately I don't have much reason to go out of the house today, but the box o' pencils I ordered arrived in time for my kid to donate them to his classroom today, which is awesome. And I plan to bake cookies for some of my neighbors and maybe my kid's Taekwondo instructors, if I have enough. :)

And for you guys, here's a video of a cat being awesome:

And information I got recently on a UK and NZ-based website which presents itself as a safe place to help yourself deal with emotional issues, with the guidance of trained professionals available 24/7. Please note that I haven't joined it, but I looked at a lot of the site and it seems to be both free and legit. :) Big White Wall

And finally, my favorite, super-simple recipe for a really delicious single-serving microwave cake:

2 Tbs of any kind of nut butter (we've tried it with almond and peanut; both are great though almond rises better).
1 or 2 Tbs of honey, depending on how sweet you like it (maple syrup, corn syrup or cane sugar, would work just as well, or regular sugar, though you might want to add more liquid).
2 Tbs of cocoa powder.
1 Egg
1 Tsp vanilla or essence of choice (I also like almond).
1/2 tsp baking powder
About 1 Tbs chocolate chips, if desired (or available where you live).

(Omit the egg and baking powder for a delicious, pudding-like version)

Directions: Mix everything into a microwave-safe mug or bowl, adding baking powder last, if using. Microwave for one minute. Eat out of the container with a spoon. :D

Have a wonderful day, guys!
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It's been nearly two months since my last personal LJ post, O, Best-Beloveds, which means I've spectacularly failed my New Year's Resolutions. (I did, however, post at least once a week to [livejournal.com profile] ushobwri for NaNoWriMo, but you need to be a member to read them. They were awesome though, just saying. And you should totally become a member if you haven't already. Seriously, all the cool kids are doing it.)

However, even if I haven't been posting anything here, I've still been doing, stuff like a stuff-doing thing, let me tell you. Baking giant chocolate-chip cookies, for example. And writing my gift-fic for the final Stargate: Atlantis Secret Santa Gift Fic Exchange ever. ::sniffle:: (Posting for that starts on the 14th, and the marvelous mods will be asking for more pitch-hitters imminently. JUST THROWING THAT OUT THERE.)

I also finished and posted my epic Captain America/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover of epicness for the [livejournal.com profile] intoabar community! (I posted about it here, and it was epic.)

Bucky and Steve are not, actually, ponies. But I did manage to turn a cracky premise into nearly 40,000 words of angst, because that's how I trot roll. I'm actually quite proud of it, so I hope you might give it a read if improbable fanfiction crossovers are your thing. (The Archive of our Own collection of Intoabar fics is here, if you're interested. And you should be, because the world needs more Hawaii 5-0/Teen Wolf fics like burning.)

Only With the Heart as the CA/MLP fic is called, also fills the 'Invisibility' square of my Hurt/Comfort Bingo Card, which you may note I've been killing this year, Sweetpeas. Or at least hurting quite badly with comforting afterwards. Heh.

Last but not least, I've been mainlining YouTube vids. This is one of my current favorites:

And there goes another $1.29 to iTunes, Oh, la la.

So, yeah, totally stuffy, or something. And always happy to give. I'm a giver. <3

Do you Lovelies have anything to share and/or crow about for me? I'll bet you do, Chickadees! And after all, it's the holidays and sharing is caring (Oh, la la).

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I like to bake. Occasionally I suck at it, though to my credit I've yet to harm anyone other then myself. Luckily baking soda isn't generally poisonous.

With this background in mind, attend, O best-beloveds, my adventures while trying to make this recipe.

It won't be too painful, really. And yes, I f**ked up enough to need a LJ-cut. )
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Since vegetarian curry was the clear winner of the What's For Dinner poll, I did indeed make it for dinner. I'm happy to report that it was delicious. :D Though a bit too spicy for the kid.

If you're interested, here's how I made it:

1) I finely chopped an onion in my food processor so I could hide it from Jav, who won't eat onion if he notices it.

2) I fried the onions in some olive oil in my nifty enameled pot. (I LOVE THAT POT! I can bake bread in it, too!)

3) I added two cups of hot water with one of the Patak's curry paste. Then I added other seasoning (I forget which exactly, but it wasn't salty or spicy enough. I know I used a Knorr garlic cube and table salt, though I might have overdone it a little). Basically, season to taste!

4) I threw in a can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), a can of peas (it was a toss-up between the peas or green beans, but I like peas better), and the last tomato in the fridge, diced. Then I let it simmer for a few minutes. Dom threw in the leftover rice when he got home, and ta-dah! Super-easy veggie curry!

It did not look beautiful, but it tasted great. And even Jav liked it, though it was too hot for his little tongue. If you want to try it, I hope you enjoy it too. But you might want to use less hot spices. :)


21/3/11 11:53
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Help me decide what to cook, guys!

[Poll #1720567]

And hey--what're you all having?

(Psst! Bid for my stuff at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan!)
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Things I have learned at lunch while trying to make myself a soft-boiled egg:

--Putting one egg and water on the stove for ten minutes will result in a soft-boiled egg; putting two eggs and water on the stove for thirteen minutes will result in an almost entirely hard-boiled egg.

--It's a good idea to remember you need egg cups before boiling the eggs.

--A vitamin bottle is not a good substitute for an egg cup.

--Holding a boiled egg so it won't fall out of the vitamin bottle while you're trying to eat it will burn the pads of your fingers.

--Not holding a boiled egg so you won't burn your fingers means it falls out of the vitamin bottle.

--Eggshell doesn't taste very good.

Now I'm going to see how much egg cups cost on eBay.
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Today, my son had a dentist appointment to cap two of his teeth. (Unfortuly, as he would say, when he began to brush his teeth without supervision he stopped brushing his side teeth, so he got cavities. Now his daddy has to floss Jav's teeth because I refuse to.) After the dentist put in the bling he told us to feed him a liquid lunch so he wouldn't accidentally gnaw on his numbed chipmunk-cheeks, so we decided just to keep him home for the afternoon. This meant a lot of parent-approved children's television, including Curious George (who is a Chimpanzee, not a monkey, damn it. And don't even get me started on that poacher, the Man in the Yellow Hat). One of the episodes featured doughnuts, so naturally Javier and I got a craving and we decided to make some together.

Cut so my FList doesn't kill me )
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Thank you to everyone who gave me such lovely congratulations in my last post. I really appreciate all the good wishes. :D

But I want to tell you about my latest baking endeavour. Did you know you could make cupcakes with alcohol? I probably should have, but hey, I didn't! Until I read this story bu [livejournal.com profile] almostnever, coincidentally titled 'Whiskey Cupcakes', and I decided to find out if I could make them.

([livejournal.com profile] almostnever: I don't think I actually left a comment for your story, probably because I was too intrigued by the cupcakes. But I did really enjoy reading it! Thank you.)

I found this recipe almost immediately, to a certain amount of surprise, but what surprised me more was how easy they were to make. I'd been imagining something along the lines of wells in flour and meringued egg whites, but aside from the annoying number of bowls it was really easy.

Delicious, too, except I'm such a lightweight I think I got a bit of a buzz from licking the spatula (yes, a baby fairy could drink me under the table). I was surprised that I couldn't taste the coffee at all, though the whiskey left an odd but not unpleasant alcohol-esque burn without any real alcohol flavour.

Does baking whiskey get rid of the alcohol, though? Because I'm a little worried about giving one to my son, in case it damages his brain cells or something. They really are good, though.

I'd love to know how people can just make up recipes like this. I mean, how did she know that a cup of coffee and a cup of whiskey would end up making terrific cupcakes? [livejournal.com profile] ribbon_purple can do stuff like that, and it really amazes me. What a great talent.
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Health warning of the week, O best-beloveds: be careful about using baking soda when you run out of 'Tums'.

This came up because of the epic fail )
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Edit: I meant Chickpeas! Not Lentils! However, I'm sure the recipe would be fine with both. :)

(Irrelevant comment: Wow, Battlestar Galactica is really, really depressing. For so many reasons. Anyway)

Chickpea, Carrot and Parsnip Curry

I don't have any ingredient amounts, because this is very arbitrary. But I used:

Olive oil for frying
One half or one onion (depending on size), chopped
Some garlic, chopped
Vegetable broth
One can chickpeas
One or two parsnips, peeled and grated
One or two carrots, peeled and grated
One tablespoon or more curry paste of your choice

In a pot suitable for frying in, fry the onions in olive oil. Add one or two cups of vegetable broth (I use water and a bouillon cube) with the curry paste mixed in until it dissolves. Add the lentils, parsnips and carrots. Simmer until finished. Enjoy over rice or with bread.

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[livejournal.com profile] fish_echo: I tried the Redshirt Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs. :) They were fun to make and delicious, even with lower-fat turkey bacon. Javier wasn't terribly thrilled with the bacon, however. ::sighs:: That's pretty much par for the course these days, though he still likes curry, oddly enough. I know this because I improvised a fantastic chickpea, parsnip and carrot curry tonight for dinner, and Javier actually ate most of his portion. \o/ If anyone would like the recipe, I would be more than happy to supply it.

The Dramatic Reading portion of this post is how the fanfiction story Aegis that I wrote with [livejournal.com profile] springwoof is now a Podfic! (A very long podfic.) As read by the awesome (and courageous) [livejournal.com profile] rhea314. This is quite an honour in the Stargate: Atlantis fandom. You know you've made it when someone wants to spend eight hours of their life reading something you wrote to their computer, eh? So when I found out that it was available I zapped on over and downloaded it immediately. I spent nearly an hour today listening to [livejournal.com profile] rhea314's voice (including while I was making the curry) and feeling kind of awed to hear my words out of someone else's mouth.

It's really interesting how different Rhea's reading is to what the narrative, and especially the dialogue, sound like in my head. Her take on how the characters would say what I wrote has been so far almost entirely different from mine, which I truly hadn't even thought about. I wasn't at all upset, just startled. It's fascinating that the meaning of a piece of writing can stay the same even if the audience perceives the details of it completely differently from the author. I wonder how surprised Rhea might be to hear me reading the story myself. Or [livejournal.com profile] springwoof, for that matter, since I'm sure how the story sounds in her head is also much different to mine.

I have no conclusions about that. I just wanted to share it. :)


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