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It's Hurt/Comfort Bingo ([livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo) time again!

Last year's card is here, and I murdered that sucker. It was awesome. :D I don't know if I'll get as many squares this year, but I certainly aim to try (and if I hit, there will be injuries).

Here is my painfully beautiful card for this year:

crucifixion arena Betrayal strapped to a moving vehicle Amnesia
isolation surgery loss of hearing Humiliation Loss of Identity
nausea confession in desperate situation WILD CARD Accept Injury to Protect Someone Self-Harm
eating disorders sex pollen headaches / migraines destruction / natural disasters minor illness or injury
serial killers assault phobias learning to be loved Combat

As you can see, I've already filled a square. Misery for the win. :D
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Written for the prompt Temperance at [livejournal.com profile] wordsinthebrain.

There wasn’t much blood on it, but it wasn’t the sort of stain one could explain to the cleaners. )

This story also fills the Dub-Con square of my [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo card, though more in its absence than presence. And hey, it's happy! Happyish! Not terrible!
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This was written for [livejournal.com profile] wordsinthebrain. The prompt was 'Invasion'. The Train isn't my idea, and was used with the creator's permission (you can check out the other passengers via the 'the Train' tag at the community).

2232 words; warnings for heavily implied death and violence. Hover over the French words for a translation.

Cliff wants to ask what the hell’s waiting for him at his stop, that the kid’s still this fucking scared. You don’t ask, though. Not in this car. Maybe the other passengers do, but in this car they know better. )

Betaed by the lovely, talented and extremely generous [livejournal.com profile] brumeier, considering I make her cry all the time.


17/10/15 19:55
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Promo picture courtesy of the awesome Taibhrigh

The fic goes up on October 23!

Read an excerpt here.

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Oh yes! You read that right, O, Best-Beloveds. It's [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo Time! Last year I kicked that puppy to the curb (and then comforted it) with 16 fills. I don't know how I'll do this year, but I've already filled a square two squares and will have fills for at least two more by the end of the summer. \o/

I love this challenge so much.

Here's my card! And seriously, this is one of the least-stressful challenges ever. You can take part every year even if you never fill a square, and you have an entire year to write/make anything. It's awesome. :D And I love H/C like kittens, so it just makes me really, really happy.

Here's my card:

shipwrecked caught in a robbery Hugs arena Accidental Mating for Life
Magical Trouble washing / bathing someone Stockholm syndrome forced to rely on enemy / rival Unwanted Transformation
Forced to Face Fear Dub-Con WILD CARD Healers culture shock
Protecting / Losing Precious object Person Motion Sickness De-Age Toothache Atonement
prostitution skeletons in the closet Captivity Blood Loss arrest

Look at all that wonderful torment. :D
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It's been nearly two months since my last personal LJ post, O, Best-Beloveds, which means I've spectacularly failed my New Year's Resolutions. (I did, however, post at least once a week to [livejournal.com profile] ushobwri for NaNoWriMo, but you need to be a member to read them. They were awesome though, just saying. And you should totally become a member if you haven't already. Seriously, all the cool kids are doing it.)

However, even if I haven't been posting anything here, I've still been doing, stuff like a stuff-doing thing, let me tell you. Baking giant chocolate-chip cookies, for example. And writing my gift-fic for the final Stargate: Atlantis Secret Santa Gift Fic Exchange ever. ::sniffle:: (Posting for that starts on the 14th, and the marvelous mods will be asking for more pitch-hitters imminently. JUST THROWING THAT OUT THERE.)

I also finished and posted my epic Captain America/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover of epicness for the [livejournal.com profile] intoabar community! (I posted about it here, and it was epic.)

Bucky and Steve are not, actually, ponies. But I did manage to turn a cracky premise into nearly 40,000 words of angst, because that's how I trot roll. I'm actually quite proud of it, so I hope you might give it a read if improbable fanfiction crossovers are your thing. (The Archive of our Own collection of Intoabar fics is here, if you're interested. And you should be, because the world needs more Hawaii 5-0/Teen Wolf fics like burning.)

Only With the Heart as the CA/MLP fic is called, also fills the 'Invisibility' square of my Hurt/Comfort Bingo Card, which you may note I've been killing this year, Sweetpeas. Or at least hurting quite badly with comforting afterwards. Heh.

Last but not least, I've been mainlining YouTube vids. This is one of my current favorites:

And there goes another $1.29 to iTunes, Oh, la la.

So, yeah, totally stuffy, or something. And always happy to give. I'm a giver. <3

Do you Lovelies have anything to share and/or crow about for me? I'll bet you do, Chickadees! And after all, it's the holidays and sharing is caring (Oh, la la).

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In other words, Hurt/Comfort Bingo time, y'all!

Now, much as I totally adore H/C (seriously, I love it like kittens), last year I was only able to fill three squares of my card. Alas, I did not get a bingo.

I'm a little more sanguine this year, because I've already filled my first square, and will hopefully have my second square filled by Monday. I'm feeling pretty good about this, guys. Comfortable, even, as opposed to hurt. Heh.

And here's my card. (You notice the convenient links in the square(s), right? Right?)

Abandonment Issues blood loss Suicide Attempt bites Possession / Mind Control
Invisibility restrained hunger / starvation time travel gone wrong On The Run
branding poltergeist WILD CARD (Comfort Item) Telepathic Trauma Purgatory
pandemics and epidemics Captivity dystopia Forced Soulbonding Clones
Bruises Electrocution Taking Care of Somebody Grief Forced to Hurt Somebody

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Yesterday, as some of you may recall, I was lamenting my lack of foresight which prevented me from making millions with dinosaur erotica.

Well, no more, my friends! Here is the cover of my upcoming debut novel in the exciting and untapped genre of porn with ancient sea-reptiles. Naturally I had to find a new pen-name, to avoid any public ridicule when I eventually win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

I decided to emulate the artistry of the Christie Sims covers, because nothing says classy dino-porn like 10 minutes with Photoshop.
 photo BookCover.jpg

Leeoolaa, the great sorceress of her seafaring tribe, is determined to end the famine plaguing her people. She takes a raft and sets out alone on the ocean with one goal: to offer herself to the Old Man of the Sea--the Ichthyosaur--as a sacrifice to ensure the survival of her tribe.

Naked, provisionless save for her magic protective amulet and her determination, Leeoolaa expects to die. What she doesn't expect is that the Old Man of the Sea will accept her offer, but not as a sacrifice.

No. The Ichthyosaur wants Leeoolaa as his mate, and more: as the mother of a new tribe of half-men, half-Ichthyosaurs, who he will use to rule the ocean!

Now Leeoolaa has a to make a choice: stay as the Ichthyosaur's love-slave and brood mare, or return to her tribe and turn her back on the greatest watery ecstasy she's ever known?

Awesome, right? I can't wait to sit back and rake in the dough. Oh, and I'll totally make covers for anyone who wants to join me in my new, lucrative career of anachronistic, physiologically impossible porn. Just $5.00 each. Which is apparently market value for that level of artistry and talent.

(The pregnant woman and ocean background come from FreeDigitalPhotos.Net, and were taken by Paul Goody and foto76, respectively. I couldn't find the source for the Ichthyosaur.)

And I'm using this for the Difficult Pregnancy square of my [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo card, for obvious reasons.

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My dreams: Shattered like a beaver dam hit by a maple syrup truck.
 photo CanadianSoul.jpg

Luckily, only metaphorically on fire! But I just found out on Monday that I'm going to have another publication. And, okay, so it's really small and it's my first publication since January, so maybe I'm just smouldering. But considering I never expected this sale in the first place, it's still pretty darn cool. Or freezing, really, but I'll get to that.

See, back in 2000 when they were still the (piping) hottest books in the Self Help section, I tried to have a story published in the then-upcoming Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. I wrote a true story about helping my mom rescue a pair of ducks who'd nearly gotten themselves frozen into the ice of our pond. Apparently the editors liked the story, but it didn't make it past their test audience (yes, CSftS has test audiences, like movies).

Apparently, the test audiences didn't think the story was 'Canadian Enough'. (But it was about ducks! In Ontario! In Winter! How could that not be Canadian?)

It's like mounties and back bacon. Seriously.
 photo NoBrainer.jpg

But it wasn't to be, so I moved on to something else and forgot about the story for nearly 14 years. At some point I even erased it from my hard drive.

And then on my birthday, I was contacted by the same editor. The CSftS people had started putting out books again, and she wanted my permission to submit the duck story--which she'd kept for over a decade--for Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada! The Wonders of Winter.

I scraped my jaw off the floor and told her yes, of course, and not quite two months later it made the final cut.

On the same day I got that very pleasant email, I read at The Mary Sue that apparently there will be a 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' movie. Because obviously Battleship wasn't sufficiently heart-warming.

So naturally--naturally!--this made me wonder what a CSftS movie about my duck story would be like. And Photoshop and I came up with some doubtlessly Oscar-worthy possibilities:

The obvious first choice of Sci-Fi/Horror; )

a thriller; )

and of course, the heartwarming, seasonal family movie. )

(And these are totally going in the 'Mutation' square of my [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo card).


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I got my new [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo card (do-dah; do-dah). It looks promising. And painful.

Here! It's under here! )

I have an idea that would fill the 'pneumonia' prompt, as well as two other prompts from different challenges, but my heart is with my original novels-in-progress at the moment. I would also love to be able to work all 25 prompts into one story, but the 'magical trouble' doesn't quite fit. ('Difficult pregnancy' might be a problem as well, come to think of it.)

I'm sure that once again I won't have anything finished before the point-less (but not pointless, heh) amnesty period, but this will be fun anyway. And if I'm really lucky, maybe I'll be inspired to write something that gets published. YOU NEVER KNOW.

(My previous two cards are here for 2011 and here for 2012.)
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And it's been over two months since I last posted, apparently. Oops.

Anyway! Here's my brand new [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo card. I'm really happy with some of the prompts, though I have absolutely nothing in mind for any of them at the moment. I'm open for suggestions. :)

My last year's bingo card is here, if anyone's interested. Overall, I was quite happy with what I was able to come up with.

And here's my new one:

Tentacles body/mindswap alien abduction dystopia amnesia
Apocalypse nightmares heat stroke stalkers poisoning
Theft major illness WILD CARD cursed arrest
Body Image Issues dub-con sex pollen abuse kidnapping
Insomnia parting ways bites love spell / potion gone wrong bruises
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I had a bunch of stuff to say about this one, which naturally I've completely forgotten. The title is of course a pun on that famous song by Culture Club. I was trying to explain my idea for the bingo square fill to my awesome sis [livejournal.com profile] squeakyoflight and we started singing:

Coma, coma, coma, coma chameleon,
Zero Glasgow! Zero Glasgow!

Yeah, I have no idea either.

Anyway, the fic! I'm not sure where this should go in the timeline exactly, so right now I'll just put it as the most recent. This is a list of all the Pape and Danforth vignettes, more-or-less in chronological order:

Side Effects May Include Sleep Problems
The Girl in the Kitten Toque
Boots or Hearts
The Old Man at the Window
The Nesquick and the Dead
The Old Lady and her Dog
Stealing Costs Everybody
Pape and Danforth

Title: Coma Chameleon
Length: 2,658 Words
Rating: R (for language and description of violance)
Warnings: None
HC_Bingo Square: Coma (Bingo card is here.)

Summary: "You're the one making it up," Mike said completely seriously. "You probably have brain-damage." He didn't even look like he was enjoying himself, just delivering grim information.

Charles woke up because Mike was kicking him )
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It's another Friday, and now that my awesome sister and her super cool family have gone back to the enviously balmy Canada, I've had a chance to finish this latest fill for my [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo.

Title: The Winter Dragon
Length: 2,538 Words
Rating: PG (For blood and mention of wounds)
Warnings: None that I can think of
HC_Bingo Square: Ostracized from society (Bingo card is here. Apparently I'm going for two horizontal bingos, which has nothing to do with how I still haven't thought of anything for 'coma' or 'bruises'.)

As you can probably tell, this is fantasy and will probably be the first part of a novel or novella at some point. Eventually. I've got two other novels to finish first.

Enjoy, and thank you very much for reading. :D

Sometimes it's cruel to be kind )
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Hi, guys! Happy Friday! I post bearing more original fiction.

Specifically, another vignette in my Pape and Danforth series. Remember them? No? Why am I not surprised? ::g::

Here is the most recent master list of all the stories, listed in order with the first story in the narrative (more or less) at the bottom:

The Girl in the Kitten Toque
Boots or Hearts
The Old Man at the Window
The Nesquick and the Dead
The Old Lady and her Dog
Stealing Costs Everybody
Pape and Danforth

Title: Side Effects May Include Sleep Problems
Length: 1,912 Words
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Warnings: Mention of recreational drug use
HC_Bingo Square: Exhaustion (Bingo card is here.)

Summary: Charles shook his head. "It's nothing," he croaked. "I just…" I need proof that you're alive, but he couldn't say that. He reached for him instead, because the one true difference between real people and dead people was that if someone was dead you couldn't touch them.

Kind of Long Author's Note: I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to come up with anything less directly related to the prompt. I generally like being more subtle. But on the other hand this is a pretty unsubtle series anyway, so hopefully it fits. :)

I also didn't intend for the whole thing to be such a Public Service Announcement. As of this addition, I've written about the evils of stealing, smoking, neglectful parenting, and now drugs. Next I'll probably write something about the importance of wearing a seat belt. All I can say is that I'm sorry and I'm really not proselytizing; It just kind of happened.

The door banged open a second later and Josh crashed into the apartment. )
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Look at me! I wrote something!

Back in March I posted the first 500 or so words of an original story I'd started years before and never gotten around to continuing. And now, because of my [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo card, I realized it would fit one of the prompts perfectly and give me a reason to finish it.

And now it's finished. :D

Title: Seeds
Length: 2704 words
Rating: R (for violence)
Warnings: May squick
HC_Bingo Square: Archaic Medicine (Bingo card is here.)

Summary: No one can outrun the wind.

She twisted her foot in the earth and a flat piece of bone came up, dug out of the soil. )

Thank you very much for reading. :) Only four more squares to go!
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Because I first read about this on [livejournal.com profile] ariadnes_string's LJ and then saw that [livejournal.com profile] alyse and all the other cool kids were doing it, I've decided to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo.

This might seem like an exercise in futile insanity (I'd say 'whimsical insanity' but I don't do whimsy), but it's not, I swear! I have a plan.

The first part of the plan is to take merciless advantage of the fact that you don't have to fill in the entire card to succeed at this thing and that you can also take an entire year to do it. The second part of the plan is to use the prompts as inspiration for original fic*, because one can never have too much inspiration and if I do this right I might just end up with a collection of stories I can either try to get into professional anthologies or self-publish on Amazon.com.

I'm stoked about this, I have to say. Pretty much everything I write turns into H/C eventually, and I'm already having a great time thinking of how I can use some of these prompts to help expand vignettes I've written into full novellas or novels. Heck, nearly the whole card seems tailor-made for the Pape and Danforth thing I've been poking at. Well, maybe not the "Archaic Medicine"... (ETA: Naturally the first one I filled was "Archaic Medicine".)

Anyway, here's my card under the cut. Pretty cool, huh? Except the "Poltergeist" prompt, because ghosts kind of freak me out.

My hc_bingo card )

*Except for the SGA fanfic I'm going to write for [livejournal.com profile] raphe1 because of her winning and extremely awesome bid at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan.


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