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(The novel involves magic-users and kingdoms and blood sacrifice. In case it wasn't obvious.)

Thanks, Flisties! Your help is much appreciated. Sometimes I hate having to name novels even more than writing summaries.
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[Poll #1741813]

ETA: I didn't know so many of you wanted me to do [livejournal.com profile] sga_santa! Is it because I don't kill as many people? Mostly? :)


21/3/11 11:53
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Help me decide what to cook, guys!

[Poll #1720567]

And hey--what're you all having?

(Psst! Bid for my stuff at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan!)
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[Poll #1679943]

Thank you for playing! Don't forget to pick up a copy of the home game!

ETA: The cool Alien! names come from various generators on the terrific Seventh Sanctum.
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Yes, I'm desperate enough to resort to polling. It also saves from having to go back and pick at the same damn paragraph yet again for another few minutes.

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I have no idea why I wrote the subject title that way. I blame the two cups of coffee.

Okay, I'm trying to decide between these names for the birdboy. I'd love some input, if y'all would be so kind:

[Poll #1352658]

Thanks! I'm actually leaning towards 'Ash' at the moment, but well, collaborative naming is fun! (Oh, and I need the results before 4:00 PM today, CST. No pressure! Ha.)
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I wanted to thank everyone who so kindly left me well-wishes during my plague-ridden post of earlier in the week. I'm very, very happy to say that food is almost entirely my friend again. I did lose two pounds, which is kind of cool in an anorexicish way, but it's probably water weight.

To show my gratitude, I thought I'd invite you all to a short tour of my ridiculous thought processes! In other words, time for a poll!

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